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Ashley Frye Committed to the Collegiate Level

Ashley Frye on signing-day with Impact Coaches Alex, Shane, and Robert

Ashley Frye’s Process to the Collegiate Level

When asked about her process to sign for the collegiate level, Ashley Frye stated, “I started early in my high school year playing on an Athena D travel team in Gilmer County. I decided late my freshmen year that I wanted more. I was craving to know more about soccer and to actually be challenged. I tried out for ODP my freshmen year and did not make the cut. I tried out the next year and made the team. I was the only girl there that was from an Athena D bracket. I didn't get picked by the coaches to come to any games or tournaments. A little bit after the ODP season, I decided to try out for Impact. Still being an Athena D player, I made Coach Shane's team. We won our first season and were able to move up a bracket. I played on Coach Shane's team for two seasons. I fell in love with the Impact team. In February of 2020, I visited Reinhardt (which was my junior year). I toured the college and was able to practice with them. My last season at Impact was a season to remember. I grew close to all the girls, as I did with Coach Pama.”.

Frye Committed to Reinhardt University Located in Waleska, GA

Ashley Frye decided to compete for Reinhardt University and had this to say about Impact, "Coach Pama truly did push every single one of us. We did rather well in the season, too. I have learned so much being at Impact despite the doubts about me being an Athena D player when I tried out for Impact. I am extremely blessed that I did. All the Impact coaches and players pushed me to shape the kind of player I am today. Now, I am continuing my soccer career at Reinhardt University." Here at Impact we strive to help your player reach their full potential.

Reinhardt Women's Soccer

Ashley is joining Reinhardt women's soccer program the Fall of 2021. This program is coming off of winning the AAC Conference against Truett McConnell, in the Spring of 2021. They went on to play Middle Georgia State in the NAIA National Championship Opening Round, where they won 2-1 to advance. This result extended Reinhardt's winning streak to 16. Reinhardt went on to the NAIA National Championship final round against Southeastern but fell short with a 2-0 result. Reinhardt's overall season record was 16-2.

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