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Staff Directory

Shane Moore
Executive Director
Robert Roddie
Girls Director of Coaching / Director of Operations
Ross Keenan
Boys Director of Coaching / Camps Director
Fernando De Barros
Technical Director / Marketing Director
John Murnan
Recreational Soccer Director
Nicole Vinette
Competitive Soccer Admin
Noreen Courchene
Recreational Soccer Admin
Scott Craven
School Academies Director / Academy Scheduler
Wesley Lutz
Academy Scheduler / College Pathways
April Rogers
Community Outreach
Jason Bishop
Middle School Director / DPA Director / Adult League Director
Kim Bishop
Public Relations
Staff Dir


We are looking for referees and all NEW aspiring referees must be certified by US SOCCER before they can work.

To find more information about becoming a referee please contact Joe Todd at

Getting Started as a Soccer Referee


1. Get Certified

To register for a class, go to the Georgia Soccer Referee website. Classes are offered multiple times during the year and are listed on the GA Referees website.

2. Order Your Referee Gear

New Referees – Get all your referee gear from our preferred provider, Soccer Post.

3. Set up Your Availability in Game Officials

Log in to the Game Officials website to update your availability and your bank account for direct deposit.


The Northside Hospital
Sports Medicine Network

The Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network is a comprehensive program based entirely around the needs of athletes of all ages. Our multidisciplinary sports medicine providers, trained in pediatric and adult care, work together to customize plans of care for each individual based on his or her needs. The Northside Hospital Sports Medicine Network offers services encompassing the entire care continuum, focusing on keeping our athletes healthy and active with services that facilitate optimal performance.

Through preventive care, nutrition counseling, and corrective exercise, we help educate you to prevent injuries. If an injury or illness occurs, our experts use the latest evidence-based medicine, strengthening, and rehab techniques. If needed, minimally-invasive surgery, focusing on safely returning you to your sport as quickly as possible.

Under the careful direction of experienced sports medicine physicians, patients are guided through our multidisciplinary team of specialists, who treat more than just injuries but rather athletes as a whole.


Sports Medicine
Importat Documents
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