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Recreational All-Star Game 2022

The Annual Recreational All-Star game is taking place this Friday April 22nd. Kick-Off time will be at 5:30 P.M. at Badger Creek, ages from u8 to u14 will all be playing throughout our complex.

Every coach in the recreational side (Cherokee Impact) from u8 to u14 will select a couple of their players to compete against a competitive team (Georgia Impact). This gives a team worth of players that are recognized by their coach to compete and also see the development of the teams/players on the Georgia Impact teams. This game is a friendly that will give these selected recreational players the opportunity to show their capabilities to our Georgia Impact coaches.

Cherokee Soccer Association decided to start this exhibition so the competitive coaches become aware of how the recreational players are doing in the program, and also so the recreational side can learn more about Georgia Impact and the value it can bring to the player development.

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