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National P.R.O Coming to Youth Soccer & Impact

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

National competition format will begin play in 2021-2022 season

What is National P.R.O?.

The statement provided by US Youth Soccer, "National League P.R.O. features an emphasis on the Player, Recruitment and Opportunity. The competition builds on the highly successful traditional format of the National League — providing an optimal environment for player development, exposure to college coaches and opportunities for advancement to the National Championships."

What is the Format?

According to the US Youth Soccer, "National League P.R.O. is a national league competition for 14U-19U Boys and Girls that features 48 teams per age group. Within each age group, teams are placed into six groups of eight, with each side competing in seven games over the course of the season.

Teams will attend two of three national events, where they will each play three games per event. For the 2021-2022 season, the first national event is expected to take place around early December and feature all teams. Half of the teams will attend the second event around early February, and the remaining half of the teams will attend the third event around mid March. The 14U age group will have differing dates for its national events. An announcement with exciting details on specific dates and locations will be coming soon.

To round out the seven-game season, teams will play one local game against a National League Conference opponent or a local cross-Conference opponent."

How does National P.R.O affect Georgia Impact?

Georgia Impact is taking advantage of this opportunity to provide another resource for their players to develop. This is an elite level of competition throughout US Youth Soccer which will see Impact compete against the top 2 teams from each National League division at an elite showcase event. Different teams from our program will be joining this league such as the girls 2006 National League team.

To read more news surrounding Impact

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